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How to Create Collage Pinterest Pins

By Ray Butler | Collage Maker Tutorials

Creating Pinterest images that stand out can be a bit hit and miss. Ever searched Pinterest for a recipe or style inspiration, only to get lost in a vast ocean of homogenous images? Historically, visual content performs very well on social media platforms. But on Pinterest – where all content is visual – you’re going to need to go big to stand out!

ideal size for Pinterest Pin

Why Create a Collage Pin?

Many businesses and creatives try to avoid this by using collage pins to break up the monotony and differentiate themselves from everyone else. But even better, collage pins also happen to be crazy effective! They provide viewers with more visual stimuli, giving you a better chance to visually compel them to click through to your content. 

If you came here today searching for a new and improved way to showcase your content, products, or mood boards on Pinterest, then seek no further! With BeFunky’s Collage Maker, creating scroll-stopping collage Pins is a piece of cake. Keep reading to learn how to create your own.

How to Design a Collage Pin for Pinterest

Thankfully, BeFunky offers a variety of large-scale layout presets designed specifically for Pinterest. Also, presets are very easy to customize, so you won’t have a problem making the layout suitable for the look you’re going for. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Select a Layout

To get started, open the Collage Maker. Then, click the Layouts tab, followed by Pinterest, found under Layout Presets.

collage maker

From here, you can choose from the various Layout Presets available, or you can create your own. For our collage image, we chose a preset layout.

pinterest layouts

Step 2: Add Your Photos

Time to add visuals to your collage. Start by opening the Image Manager tab to upload your photos or choose from various photos in our Stock Images Library. You can also drag and drop directly from your computer. 

add images to image manager/collage

After adding your photos to the Image Manager, you’ll want to place them in your collage cells. Start by dragging and dropping each photo into the cell, or by double-clicking. If you need to adjust your photo’s placement, double-click the cell to view your options. You can also resize your collage cells by hovering over the columns until you see a dashed line. At this point, you can drag the columns to resize the cells. We gave some of our most panoramic images a little breathing room to showcase their aesthetics. 

change the shapes

Step 3: Add Your Text

Now that your photos are picture-perfect, let’s add text to describe what your content is all about. To do this, start by clicking the Text tab, then the blue Add Text button. Once you’ve added a text box to your collage, the Text Properties menu will open. From here, you can customize various aspects of your text. Feel free to get creative and experiment with different font styles, colors, and effects.

Pro Tip: If your content leads to a website, app, or eCommerce store, consider using a font style similar to the one on your landing page. This helps reassure visitors that they’ve landed in the right place.

add text to pin

As an added plus, You can also layer graphics on top of your collage to give your text an interesting design element. To find graphics, click on the Graphics tab in the menu bar on the left. For our collage Pin, we decided to add an ellipse as the backdrop for the oversized number five in our collage’s title.

adjust graphics of pin

Step 4: Save It

Once you’re happy with your collage image, save it to your desired destination by clicking the Save button above your canvas. You can save it to your computer, Google Drive, or as a project to return to later for future editing.

save as project

Create a Scroll-Stopping Pinterest Collage

Designing images that get noticed, Pinned, and shared is made easy thanks to the Collage Maker. All you need is a layout, your choice of photos, some text, and some personal flair to design a scroll-stopping Pin. Get started on your design today with BeFunky!

collage pin final image

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