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Crop, Resize, and Rotate your image with BeFunky's Photo Editor

Photo Effects and Assets for Every Style

With BeFunky's free Photo Editor, you can access hundreds of photo effects that you won't find anywhere else. Turn your photos black and white, add a sepia tone, create a Pop Art piece, and more – all with a single click. And you can embrace your artistic side even more with our Artsy effects! Use the Cartoonizer to turn any photo into a cartoon, or create a Digital Art masterpiece with A.I.-powered photo-to-painting effects. There's no shortage of unique photo effects in BeFunky's Online Photo Editor! Add extra flair to your pictures with the vast library of customizable graphics in our photo editor, add a frame, overlay, or choose from any other free editing features. Adding text to your photos is also easy with BeFunky, as our online photo editor comes stocked with free fonts for you to choose from – as well as access to Google Fonts and the ability to upload your own from your computer!

Online Photo Editor by BeFunky

Free Online Photo Editing Tools

Photo editing used to be tough. It required time, patience, and technical chops – not to mention access to complicated, expensive editing software. With BeFunky's free online Photo Editor, you can quickly turn a photo you like into a photo you love from any device! There's no need to be technically savvy or purchase pricey software. Access our easy-to-use, professional-quality collection of editing tools and filters from your computer's web browser or our mobile app. Crop, resize, adjust exposure, apply effects, add text or graphics, and more; our free Photo Editor boasts hundreds of one-click tools that will have your photos looking their best in no time.

Adjust Photo Exposure in BeFunky

Premium Photo Editing Features

BeFunky is a uniquely powerful online photo editing tool. Think Photoshop, but simplified for everyday users. With our easy-to-use free Photo Editor, you can easily create stunning, professional-quality images with a single click. The editing process might be simple, but the results are incredibly sophisticated. We've taken our innovative photo editing tools one step further with a collection of intelligent, A.I.-based enhancement tools for retouching portraitsremoving backgrounds, and fixing common image problems. With BeFunky's online Photo Editor, there's no need to choose between a powerful, do-it-all editing tool and an easy, user-friendly interface. We've got it all!

After AI Background Remover
Before AI Background Remover



What Is Photo Editing?

Photo editing is the art of enhancing an image to make it look more like what you saw with your eyes. While digital cameras are great tools capable of capturing many types of photos, they can also produce muted colors, low contrast, and off-balanced lighting. Photo editing helps correct these issues to bring out the true beauty of your picture the way you remember it. Use our online photo editor to bring out vivid colors, edit highlights and shadows, remove unwanted objects, add photo effects to create a vintage look, and more. Your photo editing possibilities are endless when it comes to BeFunky's online Photo Editor! Here's a collection of photo editing tutorials to help get you started.



Essential Photo Editing Features

Here are some of the most frequently used editing tools in our photo editor. There's something for every situation!

Photo Enhancer with BeFunky

A.I. One-Click Photo Enhancer

When it comes to photo editing tools, you want an effortless experience. Our A.I. Image Enhancer is just that; it'll enhance exposure, vibrance, and contrast in a single click.

Crop Photos in BeFunky

Crop Photos

Cropping images is the first and most important step in photo editing. Use our crop presets to frame your subject perfectly.

Resize Images online with BeFunky

Resize Photos

With our online Photo Editor, you can easily resize images with pixel-perfect accuracy. We even have presets for some of the most common sizing requirements for social media and anywhere else on the web.

photo of image background being removed

A.I. One-Click Background Remover

Easily remove image backgrounds and put the focus on your subject – it's the perfect feature for product photos, graphic design, creating photo collages, and more.

Photo to Art effects by BeFunky

Photo to Art Effects

The A.I. Artsy effects in our online photo editor will turn your photo into a cartoon, oil painting, watercolor, and more in one click!

Improved Replace Color Tool

Replace Colors in Your Images

With our online Photo Editor, you can replace a color in your photo with another of your choosing. This is a great tool for product photos and graphic design projects.

Clone stamp tool by BeFunky

Easily Remove Objects With Clone

Different from our Background Remover, in that you can effortlessly cover up and remove unwanted objects from your picture while keeping your background intact.

Text Editor by BeFunky

Add Text to Images

Our free photo editor is packed with fonts and customization options to add text to photos.

How to Edit Photos With BeFunky

Learn about the four free editing tools every photographer uses to edit photos.

Crop icon

01. Crop Your Photo

Trim off some of the edges to bring more attention to the subject of your image.

Exposure icon

02. Balance Exposure

Adjust brightness, highlights, shadows, and contrast to bring out the best qualities of your images.

Eye dropper icon

03. Enhance Colors

Increase saturation and adjust the color vibrance to dramatize colors and make them pop.

Sharpen icon

04. Sharpen Your Image

Make your photos stand out by enhancing details and increasing the contrast of the edges of your photos with the Sharpen tool.

Free Online Photo Editor by BeFunky