Simplify Photo Editing and Graphic Design

Easy-to-use tools that empower you to create like a pro

Photo Editor Features

Hundreds of professional photo editing tools, made simple so that anyone can use them. Here are some favorites:

Crop Photos in BeFunky

Crop Photo

The Crop tool has everything you need to crop photos the way you want. Use it in freeform mode, set specific dimensions, or choose from an array of templates perfectly sized for social media, Golden Ratio, and more! No matter your photo cropping needs, we make it incredibly simple to enhance composition in your photography.

Resize Photos with BeFunky

Resize Image

The Resize tool lets you quickly resize images while maintaining high quality resolution. Easily resize images for photo printing, saving space on your blog or website, and everything in between. It's never been easier to resize your photos.

Background Remover by BeFunky

Background Remover

In one click, our Background Remover detects the main subject in your image and removes the background behind it! Easily create solid and transparent backgrounds for your product photos and portraits, or use this technology with our photo editing tools and effects to selectively edit backgrounds and subjects.

Retouch tools by BeFunky

Touch Up Tools

Whether you want to whiten teeth, erase blemishes, get perfectly smooth skin, or retouch a photo in one click with our AI-Powered Portrait Enhancer, our Touch Up tools have you covered. When it comes to editing portrait photography, BeFunky has all the tools you need for powerful photo retouching with unparalleled simplicity.

Photo to Art effects by BeFunky

Photo to Art

Our Artsy Effects transform your photos into cartoons, vibrant paintings, detailed sketches, and a plethora of popular art styles - all in a single click! Whatever your artistic style, you'll find the perfect Artsy effect to go from photo to art.

Photo to Cartoon effects by BeFunky

Photo To Cartoon

It's never been easier to cartoon yourself than with our world famous Cartoonizer! Found in our Artsy Effects tab, our Cartoonizer lets you go from photo to cartoon in a single click. With plenty of styles to choose from, you'll find the perfect look for any photo.

Background eraser by BeFunky

Transparent Background

A transparent background is perfect for product photography, logos, presentation graphics, and more. Our Background Eraser tools let you replace distracting backgrounds with transparent, solid white, or any background of your choice. This way, you can remove backgrounds easier than ever.

Texture Background tools by BeFunky

Texture Background

Add a unique look and element of character to your photos with a background texture. Get a vintage feel with Scratches and Light Leaks, add a little Bokeh, get the look of long exposure photography with Light Trails, and so much more.

Text Editor by BeFunky

Text Editor

Our Text Editor is packed full of fonts, styles, and everything else you need to add text to photos. Choose from our huge library of free fonts, add Google Fonts, or easily import fonts stored on your Computer to create inspirational photo quotes, captions, and more.

Blur Images with BeFunky

Blur Image

With our Blur tools, you can create depth of field and surreal effects like a professional photographer. Whether you want to blur the background of a photo, the foreground, or everything in between, our Photo Editor has all the tools you need to blur images the way you want.

Photo Effects with BeFunky

Photo Effects

With hundreds of photo effects and filters to choose from, our Photo Editor gives you more options than any other. From Chromatic filters to Black & White effects, Lens Flares, and so much more, you'll find the perfect photo effect to make your images unique.

Add Photo Frames with BeFunky

Photo Frames

Adding a photo frame is the perfect finishing touch! Choose from a wide variety of customizable frame styles, from Polaroid and vintage frames to wood photo frames, borders, drop shadows, and everything in between.

Photo Enhancer with BeFunky

Photo Enhancer

Fix four of the most common photography issues using our collection of advanced image enhancement tools. Our Photo Enhancer tools use smart technology to sharpen photos, reduce image noise, make colors vibrant, and add tons of detail.

Lens Flare with BeFunky

Lens Flares

Our Lens Flare effects bring a sense of realism and depth to your photos. They replicate the true effects of light entering and reflecting off a lens, so you can create a sun-drenched look, surreal dreamscape, and so much more!

Create Digital Art with BeFunky Effects

Digital Art

Our Deluxe Edition Digital Art Effects are beautifully remastered versions of our most popular Artsy effects. They'll turn your photos to paintings, detailed sketches, cartoons, and more - all in a single click!

Batch edit photos by BeFunky

Batch Edit Photos

Our Batch Processing tool lets you edit hundreds of photos all at once. Use it to batch resize images, crop photos, add photo effects, and more. It'll save you tons of time in your photo editing workflow!

Add Watermarks with BeFunky


Our Watermark tool helps you watermark photos with ease and consistency. Just upload your watermark, customize the settings, and add it to any photos you want. You'll never have to worry about inconsistent watermark placement again.

Collage Maker Features

Create the perfect photo collage with all of your favorite images. It's easy with BeFunky's online Collage Maker.

Collage Wizard by BeFunky

Collage Wizard

Unlike any other Collage Maker out there, the Collage Wizard does all the work for you. Just choose the photos you want to use, then watch the Collage Wizard transform them into impeccably proportioned, high-resolution collages without cropping a single pixel from any photo.

Make Pinterest Collages with BeFunky

Pinterest Pin Maker

Our Pinterest Pin layouts are perfect for creating Pins in collage format. You'll find all the layouts you need for Pin design, and easy access for sharing directly to your Pinterest page.

Customizable Collage Graphics with BeFunky

Customizable Graphics

Search hundreds of vector graphics, icons, and stickers for adding the finishing touch to your photo collages. Each graphic is fully customizable - you can change the size, shape, color, blend mode, and more.

Add Patterns to BeFunky Collage Maker


For all the times you want to add some extra character to your photo collage, you'll find fun patterns to fill your collage cells and add intrigue. From Geometric patterns and Stripes to Seasonal favorites, you'll find the perfect pattern in our collection.

Pre-Made Collage Layouts with BeFunky

Collage Layouts

Our online Collage Maker is home to a wide selection of customizable photo collage layouts to fill with your photos. From photo grids to Facebook Cover collages and Pinterest Pins, we've got a layout for every need.

Add Text to BeFunky Collage Maker

Add Text to Collages

Sometimes your photo collages speak for themselves, and other times you want to add a fun caption or phrase. For all the latter times, our Text Editor can help you add text to collages in hundreds of free fonts, color schemes, and more.

Graphic Designer Features

BeFunky's Designer has all the design templates you need to get creative. Here are some of our favorite features:

Invitation Maker with BeFunky Graphic Designer

Invitation Maker

With drag and drop simplicity and professionally designed invitation templates, our Invitation Maker has everything you need to get the word out for your next event.

Banner Maker with BeFunky Graphic Designer

Banner Maker

Our Banner Maker has all the pre-sized, customizable templates you need to create Facebook ads and web ads. Choose from popular web ad styles like leaderboards, skyscrapers, and more. It's the easiest way to advertise like a professional.

Create Greeting Cards with BeFunky Designer

Card Maker

Create beautifully designed custom greeting cards in just a few clicks. From birthdays and thank you cards to holiday greetings and everything in between, our Card Maker has you covered.

YouTube Channel Art by BeFunky

YouTube Channel Art

Create eye-catching YouTube Channel Art that turns viewers into subscribers. Choose from perfectly-sized YouTube Banner templates and customize them to perfection in just a few clicks.

Facebook Cover Photos by BeFunky Graphic Designer

Facebook Cover Photos

Create captivating Facebook cover photos in minutes with our customizable design templates. Whether you're a business, blogger, or use Facebook for connecting with friends, our Facebook Cover Photo Maker will help you design the perfect header.

Social Media Templates by BeFunky

Social Media Templates

Create social media graphics that look professionally designed, for any platform you need. From Facebook page covers to YouTube thumbnails, Instagram stories, and everything in between, you’ll find the perfect templates to design graphics that grow your channels.

Create Flyers with BeFunky Designer

Flyer Maker

Our Flyer Maker will help you design flyers like a professional, so you can spread the word in style. From real estate flyers to event marketing, we've got a design template for every need.

Create Custom Posters with BeFunky Graphic Designer

Poster Maker

Use our Poster Maker to create stunning posters with drag-and-drop simplicity. Our poster templates are perfect for bands, small business owners, and anyone looking to advertise an event with posters that stand out.

Thank You Card Templates with BeFunky Designer

Thank You Cards

Craft personalized thank you cards in minutes with the professionally designed templates in our Card Maker. It's the perfect way to thoughtfully express your gratitude.

Brochure Maker by BeFunky

Brochure Maker

Our Brochure Maker helps you create stunning brochures for business, real estate, school projects, and anything in between! There's no need to hire a professional designer with these easy-to-use templates.

Etsy Banner Maker by BeFunky

Etsy Banner Maker

Design the Etsy banner of your dreams, all without a learning curve. Our Etsy Banner Maker has all the perfectly-sized, customizable templates you need to get you started. Simply choose your favorite layout, drag-and-drop your favorite listing photos, edit your shop name, and make it your own.

BeFunky Business Card Maker

Business Card Templates

Design your own business cards like a professional in minutes. You'll find the perfect customizable layout in our collection of business card templates.

Infographic Templates with BeFunky Designer

Infographic Maker

There's no better way to simplify complex ideas and make them more engaging than turning them into an infographic. You'll find the perfect templates and graphics to use in our Infographic Maker.

Postcard Maker by BeFunky

Postcard Maker

Create the perfect postcards for all your direct mail marketing needs. Our postcard templates feature two-sided designs in a variety of layouts for real estate, event marketing, and more!

customizable vector icons by BeFunky

Design Elements

Search hundreds of customizable vector graphics, stickers, and icons to use in your design projects, right from within the Graphic Designer platform. There's truly a design element for every need.

free stock image library by BeFunky

Stock Images

With over a million totally free stock photos in our library, we have you covered when it comes to imagery. Search by term or popular tag, then add them to your designs with ease.

Photo Editing and Graphic Design. Simplified.