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Discover our exclusive offers on a selection of luxury products: lighters, pens, accessories and exceptional leather goods. Thanks to the quality of the materials and finishes as well as the know-how of the master craftsmen, these objects become the companions of a lifetime. The offer is automatically applied to the basket.

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Brushed Palladium finish lighter


Credit cards holder Carbon Leather


Document holder Line D Slim black-blue




Line 2 lighter case Line D Slim black-blue


Reversible Business Belt with Logo Buckle - 30MM


The Wand x Cire Trudon Black-Gold Table Lighter


Ballpoint pen Line D palladium


Fountain pen Fire Lines Palladium


Cufflinks steel finish Label collection


Cufflinks palladium finish


Minijet Lighter pop yellow and chrome finish


Coin purse and key ring Line D Slim black-blue


Billfold 6 credit cards, Line D Leather


Coin purse Line d Slim black-blue


Coin purse/billford, 4 credit cards, Défi Perforated Leather


Belt Line D red with shades - 35 mm


Roller Ball Seven Seas


Palladium finish Natural Lacquer ballpoint pen


Yellow Gold finish Natural Lacquer ballpoint pen


Composite and Palladium finish fountain pen


Credit cards holder, Line D Leather


Travel Organizer Line D Slim Bleu - Orange


Billford 8 credit cards & ID paper holder, Perforated Leather


Yellow Gold finish Atelier belt - 35 mm


Palladium finish Natural Lacquer fountain pen (Medium size)


Composite and Palladium finish multifunction pen


Defi Perforated Leather and Palladium finish ballpoint pen


Lighter line 8 white


Maxijet night blue lighter